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Covid Statistics

2 votes 0 servers Utility

Covid Statistics Bot Provides you Information about COVID-19 & helps you in tracking the COVID-19 Cases of the World & the Country which you mention.

Baldi Basics Bot

3 votes 0 servers Fun Soundboard

A Baldi Basics themed discord bot filled with Baldi commands and Sounboard commands


2 votes 0 servers Meme

A meme bot with a purpose


2 votes 0 servers Music

ZeroMusic es un bot de música español dónde puedes agregar filtros a las canciones y muchas opciones más


1 votes 0 servers Economy

Multifunctional multi-server bot.


2 votes 0 servers Meme

MemeBot the best reddit bot for you and your servers!

AudioLab 🎶

1 votes 0 servers Music

Audio Labs is a music bot which gives you HD quality of music experience on Discord so you can fell a single beat played in a song. ❤️


0 votes 0 servers

Defans Bot Yapay Zeka Özelligine Sahiptir .yapayzeka aç #kanal Yaptığınız Zaman Bot Kullanıcılarla Sohbet Eder!

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Daily Quotes

318 votes 0 servers Anime

A bot that gives your server DailyQuotes

Goat ♑♑♑

131 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Economy Web Dashboard Multipurpose Utility Fun Logging COVID-19

Goat is a multi-purpose bot. He includes administration, logging, music playback, economy and games, utilities, a web dashboard and more.


113 votes 0 servers Moderation Pictures Multipurpose Utility Fun Social NSFW Meme Minecraft Anime

Hi 👋 I'm Tanjiro , I have multiple systems, 📔 log, 👮 moderation, 📋 util, 🚓 automod, 🌍 multilanguage and much more!

Grizz - Auto Mod

103 votes 0 servers Moderation Useful Protection Multipurpose Utility Fun

A completely FREE 👮‍♂️ Auto-Moderation Discord bot with some really cool 😂fun features and 🛠 utility commands


85 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Web Dashboard Multipurpose

DAS is a multi-purpose bot ready to skill up and boost up your Discord server.


77 votes 0 servers Giveaways

Hold giveaways on your Discord server quickly and easily!


69 votes 69 servers Web Dashboard

The best bot on discord. - Bubbly lmao

Recently-added discord bots


0 votes 0 servers Protection Multipurpose Utility Logging

A Multipurpose bot packed with super advanced features and fill every need in your Server!


0 votes 0 servers Music

Betty is a powerful Music bot with functions like custom playlists or 24/7 mode and much more.


0 votes 0 servers Moderation Statistics Protection Multipurpose Utility Fun Social Roleplay Community Logging Giveaways

A bot perfect for your Community with many features. (Giveaways, Tickets, Applications, Automoderation, Games, Starboard and many more..)

Tourney Bot

1 votes 25880 servers Multipurpose Utility Multilangual Community

Host any Tournament in your Discord server with Tourney Bot

ynx Emote

0 votes 0 servers Utility Fun Social Community

ynx Emote is a multifunctional bot with commands to enhance your discord server by adding emojis

Midnight Food

4 votes 0 servers Fun

A fast food bot that lets you order food!

Cookie King

2 votes 0 servers Economy Fun

Cookie King - Ein Economy System der anderen Art. Who doesn't like cookies anyway?

Botty Boy

2 votes 0 servers Moderation Utility Community

Use this bot to set up ways for your server to get roles or use it as a way to moderate your server with a few different moderation commands.

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