Dank memes, Games, Trivia, NotSoBot style image filters, music, guessing games, meme generators, image search and hundreds of fun commands!

OcelotBOT is the perfect bot for small groups. With Music Streaming, Games, Birthday Tracking, custom lua commands and much more.

You can find the command list below, or in discord using !help
|Command Name|Usage (Without the brackets)|
|Magic 8-ball|!8ball |
|Wise Advice|!advice|
|Artifical Intelligence|!ai |
|Apex Stats|!apex [platform] |
|User Avatar|!avatar <@User>|
|B-ify|!b |
|Band Name Generator|!bandname|
|Barcode Generator|!barcode |
|So Sad Meme|!beatmywife [url]|
|Bernie Meme|!bernie |
|Big Text Generator|!bigtext |
|Birthdays List|!birthday help/@user/add/list|
|Bulge Image|!bulge [url]|
|Calculator|!calc [sum]|
|Chess|!chess start <@player>/|
|Chinese Text|!chinese |
|Christmas Countdown|!christmas|
|Clap Text|!clap |
|Colour Code|!colour |
|Command Count|!commandcount|
|Compliment NSFW|!compliment |
|Crop Image|!crop [URL]|
|Crush|!crush |
|Curse Image|!curse [url]|
|Deepfry|!deepfry [url]|
|Dictionary Lookup|!define |
|Urban Dictionary|!defineud |
|Dictator Meme|!dictator |
|Doot Doot|!doot|
|Edgy Text|!edgy |
|Emoji Search|!emoji |
|Enhance Image|!enhance [url]|
|This is epic meme|!epic [url]|
|Error Message Generator|!error |
|Expand|!expand |
|Red Eyes|!eyes [url or @user]|
|Face Recognition|!face [url] or embed|
|Leave Feedback|!feedback [message]|
|Fire Text Generator|!firetext |
|Coin Flip|!flip|
|Fortnite Stats|!fortnite [platform] |
|Friendship ended with|!friendship <@user1> <@user2>|
|Halloween Countdown|!halloween|
|Handicapped Meme|!handicap |
|Harry Potter Text Generator|!potter |
|Help Command|!help [command]|
|Horny License|!horny |
|Patient Says|!patient |
|Ice Text Generator|!icetext |
|Identify Image|!identify [URL]|
|Google Image Search|!image |
|Imitate User|!imitate <@user> |
|Implode Image|!implode [url]|
|Insult Generator|!insult |
|Bot Invite Link|!invite|
|IP Info|!ipinfo |
|Jesus Meme|!jesus |
|JPEG-ify|!jpeg [url]|
|Available Languages|!languages|
|Last Crash|!lastcrash|
|Love Text Generator|!lovetext |
|Mafia Boss|!mafia <@user1> <@user2>|
|Maxi Code Generator|!maxi |
|Meme|!meme help|
|Mirror Image|!mirror [url]|
|Monochrome Image|!monochrome [url]|
|Music Streaming|!music help/play/skip|
|New Nickname Generator|!newnick|
|Noot Noot|!noot|
|Number Fact|!numberfact |
|Omegle|!omegle |
|Opinion on NSFW|!opinion |
|Strong Opinions Meme|!opinions |
|Overlay Images|!overlay |
|Oil Painting|!paint [url]|
|Pet Pet|!pet [url or @user]|
|Ping Address|!ping