Simple moderation and music with other fun feature bot

A simple community bot that was running in 1 of our server and I decide to share the bot with people that also wish to have it in their server. Customizable prefix per guild can be modify by guild master and admins of the guild.

Command prefix: =

Simple moderation kick, ban, mute, unban, giveaway

Music 1 play, skip, pause, resume, remove, back, move, np, queue and more

Music 2 (Lavalink) nplay, nskip, nstop, nnp, nqueue and more

Fun rps, coinflip, meme, anime

Discord Games chess, poker, betrayal, fishing, YouTube-together

Apex Legend Tracker apex, apex-status

More commands can be found in our website. (Link below)

Some commands are listed as premium to prevent people abuse those commands that might get annoying to others such keep changing music filter or clear music queues.

If you wish to gain premium access or want to know more about it, do direct DM the bot. If you have any suggestion (good or bad), do direct DM the bot. A few of us will monitor the DM logs regularly and we will get back to you ASAP.


Current Version: 5.3a

-fix some bugs on Music 2 (lavalink)

-add extra commands to music2 (lavalink)