Hi 👋 I'm Tanjiro , I have multiple systems, 📔 log, 👮 moderation, 📋 util, 🚓 automod, 🌍 multilanguage and much more!

Tanjiro Universe | Scary Dev's

Found a bug! How can I report?

Simple just type t!bugreport and report the bug!

Does the bot have a support server?

Yes, you can enter it by clicking on this link https://discord.gg/EvwrKftvtS

How to use me? I explain!

It's quite simple! Use t!help to see all available commands, this command can also be used to find out how to use a certain command! Here is the example t!help addemoji.

  • I'm always trying to update myself and add new commands to entertain my users

  • Currently we have more than 180 commands available to be used

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