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The most jam-packed bot for the COVID-19 (or coronavirus) pandemic! Get automated updates, fancy graphs, and more!

COVID-19 Discord Bot

A bot to give live stats on the COVID-19 (aka COVID 19, COVID19 and/or coronavirus) pandemic: simple as that: but that's not the only feature it has! This bot has: * A auto-updater to send updates on a country every specified number of minutes/hours/days/weeks (/help autoupdate for details) * Global, country, US state, and province stats (/covid world for global, /covid country <country> for stats on \, /covid province <province> for stats on \, and /covid state <state> for stats on \!) * Dark-mode graphs for almost anything in the /covid command! See /graphs and subcommands for details. * Maps! See a global, high-quality map for a lot of stuff, like total cases! See /maps for details! * Vaccine stats! Get details on the latest vaccine canadiates without leaving Discord! See /vaccine for details * And much more!

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