A free and open source music bot for playing from YouTube or Spotify


Boombox is a free, open source, music bot for Discord for playing from YouTube or Spotify. It can load media from Spotify songs, albums and playlists, as well as YouTube videos or playlists.

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| Command Name | Usage | Description | |--------------|---------------------------------------------------------------|-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------| | Play | /play [song name, youtube or spotify link] | This will find the song from youtube or spotify and start playing. If there is something currently playing it will add it to the queue. | | Skip | /skip | Will skip the currently playing song. | | Stop | /stop | Will stop currently playing song and delete the queue. | | Now Playing | /np | Displays what song is currently playing. | | Queue | /queue | Displays the first 20 songs in the queue. | | Volume | /volume | Set's the volume. Use a number between 1 and 100. | | Invite | /invite | Sends an invite link for the bot. | | Playlist | /playlist [youtube playlist url or spotify album or playlist] | This command will add all songs from a youtube playlist or spotify album or playlist into the queue. | | Pause | /pause | Will pause the song that is currently playing. | | Remove | /remove [position in queue] | Will remove that song from the queue. | | Shuffle | /shuffle | Shuffles the current queue. | | Seek | /seek [time e.g 1m 30s] | Goes to that time point in the song. |