Antares Bot

A small multipurpose bot designed to bring fun to your server, with cute animals, fun games, and more

Welcome to AntaresBot. It is a small multipurpose bot with a bunch of commands to make your day just a bit better. We have commands to get random pictures of many animals with more on the way, memes, comics, etc. We have some games to play with more in development, as well as a bunch of other cool commands to try out.

Get started today by inviting AntaresBot to your server and running the &help command.
The default prefix for AntaresBot is: &

Some sample commands: help: Show the help embed
cat: Gets a random cat image
dog: Gets a random dog image
fox: Gets a random fox image
duck: Gets a random duck image
comic: Gets a random XKCD comic
reddit: Gets a random meme (`nsfw` channel only)

Many more commands are available with &help. Alternately go to This link to see the full list of currently supported commands.