The most random bot you can find. From deepfrying your images and surfing reddit to anime/manga viewing and tracking word count. All Here.

ZBot, a word/phrase/emoji tracker, reddit searcher, and an all-around fun bot. All ZBot commands and usages can be found in zhelp.

Some ZBot Commands:

-zsetup: Sets up the bot for the first time for counting/tracking

-zadd: Adds a word/phrase to keep track of

-zremove: Removes an existing word/phrase being tracked

-zlist: Returns all added words/phrases

-zstats (@) (Word): Returns stats for word(s)/phrase(s)

-zfry (Image Attachment/Image Url): Deep fries the image

-zreddit (Subreddit Name): Returns a RANDOM post from the top 100 posts in hot from any subreddit

-ztwitter (User @): Returns the user profile and their 20 most recent tweets

-zanime (Anime Name): Searches for anime and returns all the info about chosen one

-zgiphy (Phrase/Word to search for): Returns a RANDOM gif from top 50 results on giphy

NOTE: ZBot is still in development