DJ BeatZ

Bot with most of music filters! Highly optimised code for better performance!And it is updated regularly!

Hello, This is DJ BeatZ!

I am NeeL_Official#5794! I developed this bot as everyone does but with a different mindset.The bot is not locked behind paywalls and all features are free forever!.This bot has free filter command,24/7 stay mode and much more to see!

I am highly active at discord to fix the bugs! If you found any bugs just do DJ!report and after you try the bot you can review it by DJ! review And if slash commands aren’t working then do DJ!slash!

Some of the commands are DJ!help DJ!play DJ!pause DJ!skip DJ!stay 24/7 and there are more commands which cannot be written!

And bot is 100% secured As it doesn’t asks for admin perms or useless perms!

And the host i am using is good so expect no downtime but restart bot at scheduled time to free up some resources.

And mind if your server has less than 10 real members not including bots then bot will automatically leave the server as discord says that bot is inorganically grown so i had to take this step to prevent ghost servers.