Create temporary Voice and Text channels that are fully customizable by the channel owners and delete themselves when no longer in use for a clean and

Curator Bot

Create temporary and customizable Voice and Text channels that delete themselves when no longer in use for a clean and fresh looking server!

About Curator

Curator is a feature rich and easy to use temporary channel bot that will create temporary voice and text channels that can be customized by the channel owners without restrictions!

Getting started is as easy as simply joining one of Curator's Join to Create Voice channels and you're good to go!

Main Features:

  • Private and Clean - Text channels are hidden to all members except the admins and the channel owner which promotes server cleanliness. The text channel only appears if the user is inside the VC and disappears again once the user leaves.
  • Simple - Once the Voice and Text channel is created, Curator would send a nice embed informing the channel owner some useful commands that he can do to fully customize his channel. What's cool about it is, the settings the owner sets gets saved and would apply these settings if he makes another channel!
  • Free - Yes, you read it right! Curator is FREE for everyone! So what are you waiting for? Invite Curator now!

Initial Setup:

For server owners, setting Curator up is as easy as typing c.setup normal or using Slash commands!


General Commands:

  • faq - For frequently asked questions
  • help - For a list of commands
  • invite - Generates a link to invite me to your server!

Admin Commands:

  • clone - Serves as the manager for clone channels type c.clone help for more info!
  • deploy - Deploys the guild slash commands NOTE: This will double the slash commands in your server!
  • prefix - Sets the prefix of the server
  • remove - Removes channels made by Curator
  • setup - The main command to set everything up!

Custom Voice Commands:

  • allow - Allows a user to your channel
  • bitrate - Sets the bitrate of the channel
  • chinfo - Sends the channel info along with the commands you can use there
  • claim - Claims the channel ONLY WHEN THE OWNER IS ABSENT
  • deny - Deny a user to your channel
  • hide - Hides your channel
  • limit - Sets a user limit to your channel
  • lock - Locks your channel
  • message - Sets the join and leave messages for your channel
  • name - Sets the name of your channels
  • show - Shows/Unhides your channel
  • unlock - Unlocks your channel


  • Question 1: Why won't the channel delete when its empty? This is because of missing permissions. Make sure the Curator's Role is at the top of the role list and has the Administrator permission in order to fix the problem. Another solution is to re-invite the bot by typing c.invite. This would reset/re-apply Curator's role with a fresh set of permissions.
  • Question 2: How do I setup clone channels? You can setup clone channels by simply typing c.setup clone. This would create a clone channel category and a VC at the very bottom of the server. The clone channel's category would be automatically selected for the c.clone manager.
  • Question 3: How do I use c.clone? c.clone is the manager for the clone channels. You use this to create, and delete channels in the clone channel category. To add channels, you need to select the category you wish to edit. To do this, type, followed by a space, then add the ID of the category you wish to edit. Once selected, you can now freely do c.clone add to add channels. You can optionally put a name after c.clone add to specify a name for this new channel. To remove a channel, assuming the channel is already selected, type c.remove, followed by a space, then the id of the channel you wish to delete. You can also normally delete the channel by right-clicking it and pressing delete.