Make your community more active!


Notus allows you to host events like Guess the Number in a matter of seconds.

Notus comes with..

  • a beautiful & simple UI (User Interface)

  • community events

  • message statistics

  • weekly updates

Featured Commands:

Guess the Number

- /gtn start <channel> | Start a guess the number competition.

- /gtn stop | End a guess the number competition.

- /gtn hint <hint> | Send a hint if people are struggling.

Link card's

- /links view <user> | View a users links.

- /links add <title> <description> <url> | Add a link to your links.

- /links remove <title> | Remove a link from your links.


- /portfolio <view> <user> | View a users portfolio.

- /portfolio setup | Setup your portfolio.

- /portfolio delete | Delete your portfolio.

- /portfolio visibility <public/private> | Change the visibility of your portfolio.

- /portfolio banner <image> | Change the banner of your portfolio.

- /portfolio footer <text> | Change the footer of your portfolio. (The small text at the bottom)

- /portfolio description <text> | Change the description of your portfolio. (The text below your name)

Other Utilities

- /server | Get information's about your server.

- /profile <user> | Get information's about a user.

- /google <keywords> | Generate a google url using keywords.