Captcha Spam Protector

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🛡️ We secure your server with Verification Captchas, Mass Join Handling and Spam Bot Protection.

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The CSP Bot handles the verification process for new members with custom generated captchas. It should help you to keep your server free from bots and spam. Therefore it can also detect mass joins (raids) and notify you when potentially dangerous accounts join. The bot will remind you as well as the member if newly joined users do not verify themselves within a certain time period or if they fail the captcha verification multiple times.

▶️ Utility Slash Commands: - mass(un-)verify: (Un-)Verify your existing members with one command. - kick/ban: You can kick or ban multiple accounts by using this command and tagging the users.

▶️ Utility Buttons: - are attached to each log channel message where users are mentioned. - you can kick/ban/unban all mentioned users in the message with one button click.