Aviel is a multipurpose bot with over 250+ commands like Moderation, Economy, Music, Ranking, Fun and more.

Aviel is a multipurpose bot with 250+ commands.


MUSIC - 24/7, addrelated, autoplay, playlist, clearqueue, custom, forward, grab, join, jump, loop, lyrics, moveme, mycustom, nowplaying, pause, play, playskip, queue, removetrack, replay, resume, rewind, search, searchrelated, searchsc, seek, shuffle, skip, stop volume.

FUN- 8ball, affect, amazeme, beautiful, bed, blur, burn, changemymind, circle, clyde, convolute, covid, delete, distracted, facepalm ,fact, fasttype, fuse, gif, hitler, insta, invert, jail, joke, jokeOverHead, meme, ohno, phub, rip, rockpaperscissors, shit, stonks, trash, trigger, wanted, wasted, weather, would-you-rather.

ECONOMY- addmoney, balance, beg, daily, deposit, leaderboard, pay, removemoney, slots, weekly.

MODERATION- addrole, advancedembed, backup, ban, clear, close, embed, giveaway, kick, mute, poll, react, removerole, say, slowmode, unban, unmute, voicekick.

UTILITY- avatar, membercount, userinfo, wiki, avatar, membercount, userinfo, wiki, and etc Commands