Emoji Tools

Add | Rename | delete | Download emojis in your server!!Even you can lock emojis which can't be done with Discord's GUI.

Emoji Tools is a bot for managing emojis in discord servers.It can add emojis from other external servers, rename and also can delete them. It can add multiple emojis at once! The special feature of the bot is that it can lock emojis to specific roles so that only those roles can access them.This feature is unavailable in Discord GUI You can unlock the locked emojis too. And if you want to download the image version of any emoji you can do by only executing a simple command! Emoji Tools can be the ultimate solution to your server's emoji management.

The prefix of the bot is et Currently it has some basic commands that will get your work done. More commands will be added soon! Type ethelp to get a list of commands.Some of the commands are shown below:

  1. etadd <emoji> [optional_name] -> adds an emoji to the server!
  2. etaddmany <emoji> <emoji> .... -> adds multiple emojis at once!
  3. etlock <emoji> @role1 @role2 -> locks the emoji so only the specified roles can access it.
  4. etaddurl <image_url> -> creates an emoji from the provided image url!

More commands and slash commands will be added in the next version.

The bot stays always online. Invite the bot and check it out, you will love it. Join the support server if you encounter any error while using the bot. <3