Create Giveaways in your Discord server faster and easier using TheGiveawayBot!!!


Hold giveaways quickly and easily on your Discord server!



If you’d like to add TheGiveawayBot to your server, use the following link:

Usage - The Bot Only Have Slash Commands:

Here are the general bot commands:

/info-help - Shows you Help for TGB /info-commands - View all the commands available to the bot! /info-invite - Invite the bot to your server! /info-ping - Check the bot’s websocket latency! /info-stats - Sends bot physical statistics. /info-feedback - Send me feedback (can include bugs/problems) /info-about - Shows info about the bot.

Here are the giveaway bot commands:

/giveaway start - Start a giveaway /giveaway end - End an already running giveaway /giveaway reroll - Reroll a giveaway /giveaway edit - Edit a giveaway /giveaway delete - Delete a giveaway /giveaway resume - Resume a paused giveaway /giveaway pause - Pause a giveaway

Suggests, Bugs, Feature Requests

If you find bugs or would like to suggest features, join my bot development server here: