Pansage Bot

A bot that is needed for every discord server

A bot that helps you clean the server from scammer links and has some utilities that may enhance your members experience! 1. Avatar generator - You've seen some beautiful minecraft pixelart avatars, well this bot can help you with it! 2. Anti-Phishing - You got raided? This bot can clear your server with algorythm that trains itself by adding scam link to database with over 4k links! 3. Gets you random photo - It adds a little fun by seeing some things your not supposed to (smile'y face), it also needs nsfw channel because there it may give you pp image! 4. Backups - Your server got raided? You saved backup? That's good, because with ?loadbackup server will be back to form where you saved it (no messages and perms tho) 5. Economy - Isn't that sweet! You can earn fries and compete with other servers who has this bot with the most fries possible! 6. Guild Info - Let's you check guild with global message count (from the point the bot was added) 7. Badges - You can earn badges in your ?memberinfo! (one badge in bots support server - it isn't ad ok?) 8. Active developer - I have important exams this year (this is to May 2022) and I can add features to this bot every day (if I have an idea - when no, just a simple bug fixes)

So what are you waiting for?! Add today!