A wholesome of music is waiting to be played at your server!

🎶 Mestro is here with a jukebox!

Is your server dying of loneliness and non-activity of members? No worries! Mestro is here to play some chill, romantic, and wholesome music at your server, with fun activities to play by the server members as well!

Help command menu embed: Mestro help command menu embed

  • [✔] Supporting YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, 100+ Music streaming sites!
  • [✔] Clear cut music quality
  • [✔] Custom prefix command
  • [✔] Amazing filters
  • [✔] DJ system
  • [✔] 24*7 Mode for free!
  • [✔] Commands like Shuffle, Unshuffle, Grab, and much more!
  • [✔] Support Server
  • [✔] Latest discord.js version

Play command embed: Mestro play command embed

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