Randomer is The Best Discord Bot for providing random items of a required type, generating teams with easy to use commands.

Randomer is a bot that adds some great extensions to your Discord server!

Choose Randomer!

increase server engagement

generate teams quickly

choose random items of a required type

All commands:

Providing random items of a required type:

?random <Repetitions [integer]> <List>

Generate random numbers within range:

?number <Repetitions [integer]> <Minimal number [integer]> <Maximal number [integer]>

Choose random letters from list:

?letter <Repetitions [integer]> <List>

Shuffle items of list or letters in word:

?shuffle <List>

Generate random colors:


Generate random names:

?name <Repetitions [integer]>

Choose random users:

?user <Place of the draw: 'server', 'channel', @role> <Repetitions [integer]>

Choose random roles from server:

?role <Repetitions [integer]>

Choose random channels from server:

?channel <Type of channel: 'all', 'voice', 'text'> <Repetitions [integer]>

Generate random teams:

?teams <Number of people in one team [integer]> <Place of the draw: @role, 'channel'>