Mᥱⱬⱬ Mαcիiղᥱ V4.0

Multi-purpose bot. Could replace every bot in your server.

Full activitylog tracking, userinfo that includes voice and chat stats, past nicknames.

AltIdentifier to pick out non-trusted user joins, music player with no limitations.

Shares info of badusers among the servers it's in.

Charts including most message charts, most bancharts.

Global banking system. Emoji stealing system. Auto reactions.

Clear entire channels of messages. Produce a link to jump to the first message in a chanel.

Double sized emojis, commandlogging, have commands cost currency.

Word tools, dictionary, synonyms, homophones, rhyming. Word stats, see whos has said what word the most. Word clouds.

Reaction leaderboard, reaction logging, reaction wiggles - emojis randomly react to a specified persons messages, smart react whenever a word is said, the bot will react.

Eventmakers, custom commands, embed tools.

Export emojis, giveaways, imagemagic, message forwarder, command timers, modlogs, imdb lookups, inspirational quotes, compliment/insult, fake mod commands, flag users, highlight key words, massmove voice users, messagelogging, invite tracking, messagecounters, tons of data collecting tools.

Mod tools, mod applications, server lock, birthday tracking, snipe, pets, alerts when other bots go down, auto delete annoying bot messages, mass message purging, anti-nuke system, truth or dare games, online stats, text editors.

Games, so many games, race - which everyone loves, shootout - first to the draw wins, trivia, hangman, monopoly, battleship, plague game, typeracer, snake, casino games including roulette, hunting, trick or treat game, plant tycoon, evolution, party word games, text manipulation tools, move messages, nickname tools,

Marriage tools, serverstats, sync roles from other servers, buy fake crypto and stocks with server currency, google search, wiki search, urban dicitonary searches.

NSFW commands - pulls images from popular reddit subreddits, only available in NSFW channels

This and so much more, there's just too much to list.

Bot will ask for admin priv, but it isnt needed unless you want to use all features. Simply remove the admin priv and give it whatever priv you want it to have. Bot will tell you what youre missing if you go to use a command it doesn't have privilege's for.

Web Dashboard at http://mezzmachine.xyz:42356/