Full customizable with web panel, welcome images, advanced moderation, leaderboards and level cards, reaction roles, high quality music and much more!

Your welcome card!

Welcome card for when a user joins the quality server. By default, each server has one card. You can customize your server card for free and it will appear on any new server member. They are fully customizable for each server.


Your ranking card for members!

Quality classification card. By default, each member has a card. You can customize your card as a premium member and it will appear on any server where the bot is located. They are fully customizable for each member and this does not depend on the server, but do not forget that on each server you can gain experience in a different way and this if it is accumulated by servers.


Win levels and compete with others

Level up your Discord server with the ESP CUSTOMS XP system! Compete with others, rise in the ranking of your server. ESP CUSTOMS can make your server the best it can be!


Stay informed of important events

Don't miss an important event! With ESP CUSTOMS logs, choose from a wide range of events to log. Customize event messages according to the needs of your server.


Play music through panel

Listen to music on Discord and control playback directly from your Dash or with commands. ESP CUSTOMS is an advanced music robot with many music commands to choose from.

Gerente de música