Introducing Pestro! An amazing music bot with free but the best quality is awaiting to join your server!

🎶 Pestro with Mestro's disc!

Always there to help you with the best music to play on your server and have some chill time together with your friends!

Features -

  • [✔] Supporting YouTube, Spotify, Soundcloud, 700+ Music streaming sites!
  • [✔] Clear-cut music quality
  • [✔] Slash commands
  • [✔] Amazing filters
  • [✔] DJ system
  • [✔] 247 Mode, Remote command, Custom playlists, and much more! (Soon)
  • [✔] Commands like Shuffle, Unshuffle, Grab, and much more!
  • [✔] Support Server and Website for commands
  • [✔] Latest discord.js version

Pictures -

Pestro help command embed image Pestro play command embed image

Website - Invite - Support Server