Using Toki, you can check information about server, a user, or a role. You can also request cute cat pictures! <help for more information

Toki is a new bot. It currently has some basic utility features using which you will be able to check information related to either server, user, or role.



<ping - Returns bot latency

<help - Provides a list of all commands and a short description of each command.

Informative commands

<user-info [user] - Provides information about specified user. If no user is specified, provides information about the author of the command.

<server-info - Provides information about server

<role-info [role] - Provides information about specified role. If no role is specified, no response is generated

Cute pictures of animals <3

<dog - Provides a cute dog picture

<cat - Provides a cute cat picture

<duck - Provides a cute duck picture

<panda - Provides a cute panda picture

<fox - Provides a cute fox picture

New features will be added soon to the bot.

Upcoming features: - Moderation (kick, mute, unmute, ban, unban, soft-ban, warn, remove-warning, warnings) - Search using google/wikipedia/reddit/youtube/etc. - Counting - Akinator - Economy