Multi Functional Bot Containing Advanced Logging And Many Features


A Multipurpose Slash Bot With Many Features


  • Simple Logging
  • Channel Creates, Channel Deletes, Channel Updates
  • Emoji Creates, Emoji Deletes, Emoji Updates
  • Message Deletes, Message Edits
  • Role Deletes, Role Adds, Role Updates
  • Ban Adds, Ban Removes, Kicks
  • Timeout Adds, Timeout Removes
  • Voice Joins, Voice Moves, Voice Leaves
  • Nickname Updates
  • Member Joins, Member Leaves

  • Premium Logging

  • Invite Creates, Invite Deletes

  • Thread Creates, Thread Deletes
  • Server Boosts, Server Unboosts
  • Level Increase, Level Decrease
  • URL Adds, URL Removes, URL Updates
  • Sticker Creates, Sticker Deletes, Sticker Updates
  • Banner Adds
  • Guild Feature Updates
  • Partner Adds, Partner Removes

  • Simple Moderation
  • Anti Bad Words
  • Anti Links
  • Anti Ghost Pings
  • Max Lines
  • Max Mentions

  • Premium Moderation

  • Anti Images
  • Anti Server Invites
  • Max Role Mentions

  • Misc
  • XP System
  • Suggestion System
  • Welcome Cards
  • Goodbye Cards
  • Ticket System

And So Much More...


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