60 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Pictures Multipurpose Utility Fun Meme Community Logging

BruhBot has Many Useful and Fun Commands, for example Steal Emoji to steal emoji from other server or a Logging System!


44 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Web Dashboard Multipurpose Spanish Fortnite Community

Full customizable with web panel, welcome images, advanced moderation, leaderboards and level cards, reaction roles, high quality music and much more!


20 votes 0 servers Useful Pictures Multipurpose Utility Fun Social Meme Community Media

Divination made accessible - in-depth meanings via Tarot, Runes, Lenormand, and related systems


18 votes 0 servers Social Minecraft Fortnite CSGO Community Valorant Among Us

Wanna play some multiplayer games and search for a gaming buddy? I can connect you with some random gamers, which are interested in playing together!


16 votes 0 servers Fun Social Community

A bot designed to allow server members to express themselves and their socials.


14 votes 0 servers Useful Multipurpose Utility Fun Community Logging Giveaways

Multi-purpose discord bot that covers logging, moderation, utility, image, ticket, giveaway, economy, custom commands, fun, auto-mod and MUCH MORE!!!

Voice Master

5 votes 0 servers Music Protection Multipurpose Utility Fun Social Community Logging

The best voice channel bot with automatic channel management and VC games (eg. YouTube Together), and of course a good music system with filters.


3 votes 0 servers Multipurpose Fun Social Community

Randomer is The Best Discord Bot for providing random items of a required type, generating teams with easy to use commands.


3 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Economy Web Dashboard Multipurpose Utility Fun Community Anime Giveaways COVID-19

Saizo is a powerful all-in-one bot that can serve all of your needs!


3 votes 0 servers Useful Utility Fun Social Community

Create temporary Voice and Text channels that are fully customizable by the channel owners and delete themselves when no longer in use for a clean and


3 votes 880 servers Multipurpose Utility Community

The Discord bot for temporary voice channels, events scheduling and embed messages.

Support Bot (Early Access)

2 votes 0 servers Moderation Web Dashboard Utility Multilangual Community Logging

Dynamic ticketing solution for member to staff communication • Ticket Menus to funnel support • Notify Multiple Staff Teams • Chat Triggers

Botty Boy

2 votes 0 servers Moderation Utility Community

Use this bot to set up ways for your server to get roles or use it as a way to moderate your server with a few different moderation commands.

MythBot Radio

2 votes 0 servers Music Fun Community Media Soundboard

We bring you 30+ live radio stations within discord for every to listen to for free. Join our discord for more updates and news.