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Ducks spawn on a Discord channel. Will you be able to kill them?

Cakey Bot

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Cakey Bot is a feature-rich multi-language discord bot with Music, Games, Audit Log, Custom Commands, AFK Messages, Self Roles and more!


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Do you like mangoes? Me too, I'm a multifunctional and multilingual bot.


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Gta adventure bot. This bot have french and english traduction


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Biggest tabletop and party bot! Uno | Battleship | Hangman | Minesweeper | Connect 4 | Memory | Town, Country, River

Interaction Bot

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Interaction Bot is a growth translator Discord bot on discord with many functions like translation and much more.

Doge Utilities

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This is a simple Discord bot that has a ton of useful tools and utilities, such as raid protection, welcome/leave messages, autorole, and much more!


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With the InviterCount bot, you can view someone's invitations.


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TTS ( text to speech ) bot . Over 100+ Languages Supported


0 votes 0 servers Utility Fun Turkish French Multilangual Minecraft

20+ Languages, Entertainment, Minigames, Highly Customizable, Auto Voice Channels, Anti-Pings, Looking For Group, Utility & More!


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Bot Multilingue en perpétuel développement afin d'aider au mieux dans l'expérience Discord, avec des fonctionnalité de base( modération/music etc...)


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ConnorBot — The only bot that can Moderate, Have Fun, Mute Text Channels, and Educate all at the same time.


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Play mini-games in cross-server with all servers that has the bot !


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Automação, Captcha, Diversão, Gerenciamento, Moderação, Minigames, Misc, Reaction Role, Lembretes, Roleplay, Sorteios, Sugestões, Tickets, Utilidade