Custom Role

46 votes 0 servers Utility Fun Roleplay

A simple bot that allows you to get your own role.


3 votes 0 servers Economy Fun French Roleplay Multilangual

Gta adventure bot. This bot have french and english traduction


3 votes 0 servers Moderation Economy Multipurpose Fun Social Meme Roleplay

This bot has 4 bots in one bot! Add to find out! I would recommend adding my bot first before you vote! I also invite you to the Bot testing server!


2 votes 0 servers Moderation Protection Multipurpose Utility Fun Roleplay Logging Giveaways

Giveaways | Custom Commands | Starboard | Reminders | Suggestions | Moderation | Logging | and many more!


2 votes 0 servers Moderation Useful Statistics Pictures Fun Roleplay

Tooblek Bot ile sunucularınız eğlenceli ve detaylı bir şekilde korunacaktır. Herkese iyi eğlenceler.


2 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Economy Web Dashboard Multipurpose Utility Fun Social Roleplay Anime

Nazuna is a bot where all commands are easy to use, if you have any questions, use /help or mention the bot.

Keromik Bot

1 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Economy Fun NSFW Meme Roleplay

Keromik Bot has over 330+ Commands That you can use Such as : administration Commands, Moderator Commands, Fun Commands and more!.


1 votes 0 servers Fun Social Roleplay Multilangual OpenSource Community Anime

konnichiwa, watashi wa lollipop desu! I am an anime/manga discord bot with many cool features!


1 votes 38037 servers Moderation Economy Pictures Multipurpose Utility Fun Social NSFW Meme Roleplay Minecraft Fortnite Logging Giveaways Stream Reddit

Martine is a multipurpose bot that can boost the member engagement of your server! Leveling, giveaways and so much more to disc

Tofu Chan (◕ᴗ◕✿)

0 votes 0 servers Moderation Economy Multipurpose Utility Fun Social Meme Roleplay Minecraft Fortnite Pokemon COVID-19

A multi-purpose bot with commands for gaming, fun, and actions and other stuff, all based on your favorite internet Shiba, Tofu Chan!


0 votes 0 servers Useful Roleplay

Jinkaku is a Roleplay bot built for roleplay servers. You can create multiple profiles, setup an economy, and more.


0 votes 0 servers Music Fun Roleplay Anime

The all-rounder Anime Discord Bot. Sasaki offers moderation, information, profile, roleplay, game, random, music and commands.