ServerSMP - BOT

8 votes 0 servers Moderation Music Statistics Web Dashboard Utility Fun NSFW Meme Minecraft Fortnite Logging Stream Pokemon Reddit

A bot for all your needs! May it be moderation, info on things from your server, or even random pictures of ducks. We have it all


2 votes 0 servers Moderation Multipurpose Utility Media Stream

A multi purpose Discord bot made with creators in mind, but with our many features Shinki would fit into any server!


1 votes 38037 servers Moderation Economy Pictures Multipurpose Utility Fun Social NSFW Meme Roleplay Minecraft Fortnite Logging Giveaways Stream Reddit

Martine is a multipurpose bot that can boost the member engagement of your server! Leveling, giveaways and so much more to disc


1 votes 0 servers Utility Fun Social Media Stream

Together allows you to access activities in discord beta.


1 votes 0 servers Moderation Economy Web Dashboard Multipurpose Utility NSFW Community Media Stream

Watch NSFW Videos, Images & Gifs. Watch Youtube-Together, play Games, manage your Server, level-up & earn Items.


0 votes 0 servers Music Utility Anime Stream

An English bot to broadcast Lofi Hip Hop live 24/7 on your server!

Bongo Cat

0 votes 0 servers Fun Social Media Stream

Bongo Cat is a bot that could allow you to watch YouTube in a call with your friends, and play games like connect 4!


0 votes 0 servers Music Statistics Web Dashboard Fun Social Logging Media Stream

Beatz is the soundtrack of your life! Invite now play tomorrow


0 votes 0 servers Music Web Dashboard Fun Social Community Stream

A Discord Music Bot With 24/7 In VC, Stage Channels, Slash Commands, Spotify, 70+ Commands, DJ System And Bot Channels!


0 votes 0 servers Utility Fun Logging Media Stream

LilLuna easy-to-use Discord Application! a way to watch a YouTube video and play games together on Discord.

YouTube Bot

0 votes 0 servers Music Utility Fun Social French Multilangual Community Media Stream Soundboard

YouTube Bot HD Music in voice channels. Easy to setup and configure!


0 votes 0 servers Music Stream

A advanced & powerful Radio-Bot.


0 votes 0 servers Music Fun Community Media Stream

The only bot you need to listen to real radio stations live. UriFM hosts AM and FM stations from all around the world, currently hosting 100+ stations